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Who am I?

Hi, I am Uneeb, an Engineer by profession. I read and write about fitness plus I have been coaching for the past couple of years.

Why Fitness and why not Engineering?

Until recently, Engineering alone has been my profession. Fitness had been my hobby. I have read hundreds of books on Fitness, followed a dozen programs on fat loss, transformation and muscle gain. Interestingly, I actually have been able to get results following these programs.

Who should visit my Blog?

All those in need of coaching. Quite frankly, at this point, I have absolutely no idea, who am I going to target. Workoholics, Alcoholics, Athletes, Fire fighters, College going, School going….honestly, I cant decide so far.

However, since most of the people I have coached are working men, major chunk of people following me will be from that specific group, I presume.

Why should you visit my Blog?

Simple yet complicated question. Somehow I believe,

– In this fast paced life, results matter and people don’t have time to actually experiment.

– Information provided on the internet is scattered and due to lack of time people are not willing to browse through data.

– I have been working with some of the busiest people on earth clocking at least 12 hours a day on regular days and working even on Sundays. They need straight forward and practical advice.

– Most of the information is commercial with catchy tag lines and phrases.

So this is it for now till we meet in our next article.

Best of Luck