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We all have dreams. I will share my dream today. At first, when I told this to a friend of mine, he laughed.

Yes he literally laughed. But that’s normal, isn’t it?

We all face such scenario when we tell our dreams to people closer to us. Ever heard of “tomorrowland”, that movie at least gave me an inspiration that it is ok to be a “Dreamer”.

So, coming back to my dream;

“I want to help 01 million people achieve their health & fitness goals in 2016”.

These goals can be anything, weight loss, fat loss, lowering cholesterol, improving cardiovascular strength, getting rid of bad habits affecting their condition etc.

I have started this revolution and I want everyone of you to be a part of it. Share your journey towards fitness or an endeavor to give up junk food craving and eat healthy.

How am I going to do that?

– I am calling out all my friends on social media to join me

– I am writing a book on Desi Foods that ooze fitness (that will be published in February 2016, God willing)

– I am reaching out in my community to increase awareness…


I need the help of all my readers for more ideas…please please please!!!


(O: one, M:million, F:fit, P:people)