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Most of us complain of gaining fat and need a quick advice. While internet is brimming with this subject, I kick started my fat loss with following 5 quick diet fixes. They have so far helped me in dropping my body fat from 25% to 15% (and I am dropping further).

So much so that they are now a part of my day to day eating regimen.

#1. Savoring each bite…

I took this advice from a Yoga instructor, did some thinking and found out that it was the easiest item in my to-do list of dieting. Before that I was making the mistake of taking big bites and eating hastily. In that process, whatever I ate, was finished quickly well before my stomach could signal my brain of being full. I consequently over ate…

After getting the advice, I thought over it and found out that I had been finishing my favorite food rapidly and somehow was greedy in having more. The true essence of ‘great food’ was in its taste and not its quantity. Savoring each bite of food is in fact enjoying it thoroughly so that the taste remains in the mouth for a longer duration.

#2. Chewing more…

Simple yet very effective. This fix required some tuning and is linked with the previous one. Easy way is to start chewing each bite for twenty times and than working up to 50. Great thing in doing so is that the food in the mouth gets swallowed automatically and one does not need to force it.

#3. Avoiding to drink water while eating…

This particular step aided me in getting rid of bloated feeling after a meal. I used to drink one or two glasses of water with every meal. Though it was healthy until I read a few articles in health and fitness magazines. When it comes to hydration, timing is the key. Adequate amount of water intake will certainly help in losing weight but not while having food. I found it helpful when I took water at least 15 minutes before or after a meal.

#4. Eating Whole Grain+Multi Grain

It was until January this year that I understood the science behind whole grain and multi grain. I initially used to have ‘Roti’ (traditional bread of Indians/Pakistanis) made from whole wheat. After wards I switched to multi grain flour. It comprised of 04 components; wheat, Jowar(resembles Quinoa), Bajra(a kind of millet) and Jo(barley). Ratio being 3 parts wheat to 1 part of each of the three (5 parts in total).

#5. Eating Fats…

Yes, losing fat by eating fat. I was quite wrong in my approach towards fats until I actually read about them. Though I avoided, deep fried foods, I added some good fats to my daily diet regimen. That comprised of 07 almonds and half a handful of walnuts. Plus I have been taking Fish Oil capsules.

At present, my cholesterol levels are well below threshold range, I am losing fat and enjoying a healthy life.


This concludes my blog for now. Try these fixes and please do leave a response.

Stay safe, stay fit and stay healthy…for life!


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